Problem Drinking: A Self Evaluation

In broad terminology you will find two degrees of a drinking problem-- alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction. (Conduct your personal assessment here.).

The phrase, abusive drinking, is normally used in the mass media to illustrate excessive or binge drinking; the term 'alcoholic' is the layperson's term for alcohol dependency. But , in the substance dependency treatment field, alcohol 'abuse' and 'dependence' have a lot more particular meanings.

The descriptions below are taken out of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th edition-- ordinarily known as the DSM IV.

At this time there are 4 specifications which may be applicable to your pattern of alcohol consumption. If a single of these four is applicable to you within just a Twelve month period of time, then you fulfill the criterion for alcohol abuse:.

Repetitive inability to carry out vital social functions (like not showing up for work due hangovers).

Regularly consuming alcohol in bodily hazardous circumstances (like drunk driving even if you do not get arrested).

Alcohol consumption which results in chronic legal difficulties (such as driving drunk, disorderly/drunk , battery, etc).

Drinking alcohol that adds to recurring interpersonal relationship problems (quarrels with loved ones, lover, friends etc).

Presently there are seven criterias for dependence on alcohol. It is usually assessed by means of asking about the following questions. As a result of your using alcohol, over time have you ...

1) Been required to drink more to acquire an equivalent effect? Do you get much less of an effect than you used to with the exact same amount? (This is called tolerance.).

2) Found that while you briefly gave up on drinking you felt wobbly, disturbed, stressed, or weren't able to sleep and had to begin drinking once again. Have you used some other chemical to minimize these types of feelings? (Withdrawal symptoms).

3) Ended up using more than you planned and/or for longer periods than you meant to?

4) Started to decrease or give up consuming alcohol, but failed ?

5) Squander a great deal of time worrying about alcohol consumption, getting hold of alcohol, consuming it, or recovering from its side effects?

6) Lessened or abandoned recreation that were previously very important to you such as professional duties, public ventures or spirited sporting pursuits?

7) Ongoing drinking alcohol even when you were mindful of cognitive/emotional or physical health issues it was most certainly causing you?

If you responded yes to:.

three questions = nominal dependence.

four or five questions = moderate dependency.

six or seven questions = serious dependence.

Right now there are seven criterion for alcohol dependence. If you match any of the criterion? A systematic personal evaluation may help save you some quite substantial hardships.

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